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Microsoft Dynamics

Trusted partnering for proficient MS Dynamics consulting, executions and sustenance

Behind every MS Dynamics executions, we focus on rendering a collaborative, transparent, stakeholder-participated approach to churn out most agile businesses for Customers. Our MS Dynamics Help Desk professionals are committed to executing 99%, near-perfect successes and retention service degrees.

Our intent is to bring about the exact picture-perfect clarity for Customers on what they should actually expect while we implement their customization. Maintaining a one-to-one collaborative approach at every step of implementation with all your frontline stakeholders, we craft the exact solution you require.

Our intent is to provide Customers with an ideal MS Dynamics partnering, facilitating you to extend your clients the most economic, par-excellence demand-on-time services. However competitive the market may be, selecting the correct, caring implementation partner for your customized solution makes a big difference in sustaining and driving ahead your business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Wholesome integrated ERP coordination for your entire business

As a wholesome, cohesive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX is tailored for large and medium enterprises. For enterprises wielding multiple business needs, workflows, processes and multiple websites, MS Dynamics AX is characterized by its sheer effortless learning and the ease of use features. Our emphasis is to enable customers in appealing their clients in their own terms.

Irrespective of executing a Nuevo implementation, or patching up one or going in for an upgrade, TKCG delivers the right excellence and certainty across all of your enterprise’s IT needs through Microsoft Dynamics AX to highlight the supremacy of your agility.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Empowering rapid responses, augmented business control, & margins for all small / medium businesses

With a sole intent of providing optimal meaning to your investments the TKCG team of MS Dynamics professionals provide the best customizations for any small and medium enterprise. Our technocrats are adept in customizing MS Dynamics NAV’s innate, simplified solutions drive your market growth, augmenting your profit margins as well. As an ideal tool for your enterprise, MS Dynamics NAV customizations helps not just restricted to automated business processes and smart business decision making alone. It drives a whole gamut of tasks aimed right from cutting down your costs until converting bookish margins into vital cash flow.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Beeline of customer loyalty that you’ve strived to sustain and maintain

Every customization executed by our Dynamics CRM experts focuses on augmenting and driving the sales and marketing innovations of our clients. Our CRM customizations help you capture the priceless customer-centeredness and thus the customer loyalty that you always value. Not just this, with years of experience, our Dynamics CRM professionals possess the capability to locate and capture every single opportunity within the scope of your business.

TKCG - MS Dynamics Advantages

Ideal Partnering for an integrated, universal positioning.

24 X 7 dedicated support for implementations of any size.

Accustomed interface, with emphasis on User Friendliness.

Productivity is the key.

Dynamically view, acquire valuable insights into vital business data and information.

Drives augmented decision making.

Tailored to suit customized needs of your enterprise and industry.

Most robust, supple and speed deployment.

Efficient implementation, easy upgrades and flexible customizations.

TKCG professionals take entire delivery accountability for solutions implemented on cloud.

Functionalities for wide-reaching verticals.

Smart collaborations between front and back offices involving your manufacturing, distribution, inventory, purchases, logistics and CRM as well.