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" Unique MS Dynamics infrastructure implementations for even most sophisticated and complex."

TKCG is equipped with a team of highly experienced infrastructure implementation and management professionals. Our infrastructure implementation leverages successful, structured, time-tested methodologies. We work hand-in-hand with you to jointly implement infrastructure implementation under the following umbrellas:

Audit services
Infrastructure commissioning / deployment
With an unrivalled number of years of expertise in infrastructure deployments, our professionals are adept in ensuring that that your organization is always operational 24X7, with minimal stress.

Onsite and remote infrastructure implementation assistance throughout the process.
Tools and information provision, to manage and get ahead your basic infrastructure with options for additional training as required.
Achieve reasonable cost-to-serve through consistent infrastructure deployment approaches.
Provision of a dedicated infrastructure deployment team for the entire duration of implementation process and additional support resource on-need basis.
Achieve quickest implementation rates in the industry.