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AXPro – is the product which facilitates the client to utilize the AX features with our enhanced features over the standard features that comes with Dynamics.

Defining jobs (Activity) and its resources
Jobs and Resources
AS IF Analysis
Resource Capacity
Cost Estimation
Copying the Job from template
Advance Payment from Customer
Sub-Contract Accounting
Recording the Job Done

An HRM software, FiloHR that is designed to be integrated to your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP with all the standard features that are fully customisable to the needs of your organisation. A user-friendly interface matching Microsoft systems, self-explanatory style fields, agile and fast processing of information are some of the key highlights of our system.

A separate system designed for Middle East regions with localisation features, legal compliance and document management helps our clients from MENA region to easily acquire and automate their Human Resources Management processes without hassles.

FAstPO is our Purchase Order automated accelerator designed for Fashion and Apparel retail chain outlets.

Releasing purchase orders with 100s or 1000s of SKU line items, is time consuming. Add to this the painful process of adding 100s of new SKUs and their variants, in to the item master, setting up the various attributes, releasing it to various legal entities, creating bar code and many more such manual steps before the SKU can be added to a PO.

To ease and quicken the process we have created the FAstPO for Dynamics AX that can drastically reduce the upload process.

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