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" A definitive resource equipment is a must, to deliver your MS Dynamics technology promises "

Resources provision, catering to end-to-end needs of MS Dynamics projects (AX, NAV and CRM) is a specialized service offered by TKCG. Our contractual staffing goal is to let our Clients devote more precious time and money towards their core business, rather than on monotonous, routine in-house management activities. Our services facilitate customers to focus primarily on their core-competencies, for their business development.

With a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals, we serve to direct and guide our clients, towards fulfilling their resource needs. Our services broadly involve resource provisions in terms of:

Retainer basis
Time and material

Specialization of our team lies primarily on strategy, operations, compliances, Assessment and Analysis. Our belief and faith in partnerships, characterized by our professional engagements will always ensure an enduring symbiotic relationship with our clients.