Our team of functional and technical personnel provide implementation assistance to establish and maintain ERP systems in the shortest time frame possible and at a reasonable cost. Its high caliber people, proven processes and versatile tools ensure that the client gets the maximum benefits out of the implementation.

TKCG provides the following services:

  • Work on client’s problem areas and recommend best possible solutions to choose from
  • Develop gap analysis report
  • Analyze and reengineer existing business processes
  • Identify and recommend the business flows for complete automation
  • Establish project scope and size
  • Facilitate system integration in the client organization to support complex systems integration and training processes
  • Support to existing implementations in the form of multi-lingual training and local language help desk support
  • Provide customization and scalability services to enhance and expand existing functionalities into new horizontal and verticals
  • Provide integration services to build interfaces to custom or third-party applications
  • Develop and deploy packaged applications based on popular ERP suites
  • Perform end- to- end implementation of the ERP package
  • Perform change management
  • Provide end-user training and prepare documents
  • Conduct product roll out across the enterprise
  • Assess and plan for system upgrade
  • Perform upgrade and enhancement on the identified modules
  • Post-implementation maintenance and support service
  • Perform audits on implementation services